Thursday, March 20, 2008

My decloration of only cooking for those who apreciate it

After a day of pondering my expectations of men, their expectations of me, and where I am going wrong in the relationship process I asked my room mate Annie about my dating life because I am now well aware of what I am looking for but felt that there was something lacking on my part and she said to me "Christy, you spoil the men you date. They are so well taken care of by you that they take advantage of it."
AH-HA!! Thats were I am going wrong. I have been spoiling the men I date with delicious home made soups, brownies, sweet rolls, and other domestic things. These acts of charity and kindness have only led men to take advantage of my good graces and kind spirit, so guess what? I'm done. Yes done. No more home made cookies. No more mending of pants, no more giving of my yarn to unappreciative men. No more sharing of my organic produce with those who could give a damn. It is time that I spend my non existent free time with men who appreciate my talents and don't take advantage of them.
What does this mean to the male population of the universe? Christy's Kitchen is now closed so go eat some others girls refined sugar cookies, soup from a can and pizza from a box because I will no longer be feeding the masses with my preservative free, organic, all natural, mostly vegan cooking. You didn't appreciate it when you had it so now it is gone.
(exceptions will be made on a case by case basis)

Men of planet earth, don't be discouraged by this, be encouraged. All I am saying is that the equal treatment of men in my house has commenced and my cupboards are closed. This is not a statement of " I HATE MEN!" Because we all know that I don't. It is time that men put forth the effort that I do in letting me know they love me. End of story. Leave your comments on my stove for me to burn. XOXO

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