Friday, March 14, 2008

New York; bicycles and bakery's

So I have a new resolution for the rest of this year, blog once a week. Yes, I Punkin Pants will be blogging once a week from now till the end of the year. If I can stick with it I will blog more.
I am currently in New York City siting in my sisters apartment (and what will soon be mine as well) typing this. Im on springs break so I decided to do the breaking of spring in style and come here to get away from Utah.
I had three goals in mind for coming here.
1.Find and internship
2. Check out the bike shops here.
3. Check out the bakery's of the city.

I got all but one goal ( Im still working on the internship deal) and it has been marvolous. So far my favorite bakerys have been Baby Cakes non gluten, sugar free bakery( more on that) and Billy's Bakery. Both are delicous. Now one may think that Magnolia bakery should be in there but guess what? In my opinion it sucks, not worth your time, and is over rated. If you happen to think it's the greatest thing since fixed gears got hip stop reading my blog and go away.
As far as bike shops I have been really impressed with Pedal Pushers and Bike-Metro. Those are my top two. The guys at Pedal Pushers are old school cyclists and I like that, plus all of their bikes hang from the ceiling which is brilliant. You feel like you are in a bike jungle.

Well NY has been great. I rode the bike I rented from Pedal Pushers for the Grants Tomb Crit on the Hudson River trail. So peaceful and nice, I also met a nice Brit name Luke who was riding the sexiest fixed gear I have ever layed eyes on. Powerder blue italian frame, white walled tires, white bar tape. HOT. but no front break. any way, I have to meet my sister for Thai. XOXO More on NY later.

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