Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Billy's Bakery and a new bike

Yesterday morning I found myself knitting on the subway down to Billy's Bakery on 23rd and 9 Ave, and by night fall I will in Salt Lake City. Why I decided to come back, I will never know. Well actually I do know, it's because I have responsibilities that I have to uphold and aparently I haven't been beaten into submission enough by the cyclists in Cache Valley for the article I wrote on Alley Cat races. If you too would like to beat me into submission (assuming that any one reads this) here is the link :

moving on, I was a bit sad to be leaving the city but my spirits were lifted by two amazing events. First, me "secretly" giving a cupcake from Billy's Bakery to Excalibur and the arrival of a new bike in my living room when I entered. Yes ladies and gentleman, I now own four bikes (two of which are now on the market for any one to buy). This new bike is a white vintage Peugeot, womens specific and I have named him Pierre (he is French, I couldn't resist!) He needs some work done but in a few weeks he will be up and running as my commuter.

The Grants Tomb Crit race in New York was way fun, I didn't do very well but I had a good time and learned a lot from the race so I think that is what matters. It was my first race and I am stoked to do more.

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