Thursday, April 24, 2008

End of the semester, and Ben Folds

Its the end of the semester, an I need to keep my head in the game but with so much going on I feel over committed and like I need to get out of Logan. But I have a series of events that need to happen before leave Logan.

In other news, I got the internship that I wanted with the children's theater company. I will have no money this summer but I will have a good time and a really good experience...I think.

I saw Ben Folds play in concert last night in SLC. It was amazing, everything I have ever wanted and more from seeing him. He played a good mix from his career and included the audience on Narcalepsy and Army which I have always wanted to do. It was fun to hang out with Excaliber and his family. He has the greatest mom. Don't get me wrong, my mom is awesome, but so is his. She came to the Ben Folds concert and stood with us the whole time. The only thing that made me mad was that people in SLC have no concert etiquite. They think that because they showed up late to the show in their AE flip flops and dooney and burke bag they should get to elbow their way to the front. Think again suckers, you deserve to stand in the back because you didn't show up three hours early to get a good standing spot, I DID! So stop pushing and get your ass to the back of the venue. I am writing an article for hardnews about that. any way, I just got off work and I need to use my free meal at the Market place so Im out. but I leave you with a parting picture.

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thePatrick said...

However, if you find your awesomest ex-roommate kind of friends in line BEFORE the venue opens, then it is perfectly alright to join them there. Right?