Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Been a long time.....

I really should get better at this whole blogging bit. I lack motivation to do it in some ways.

Any way, I am still in the Big Apple. Living life and having fun when I can. New York is such an amazing place in so many ways, but it is no place for a girl like me. I miss my mountains, my long bike rides, and familiar faces.
Life here is fast, unforgiving, and what feels like unobtainable at times.
My internship has been good. I now know what I DON'T want to do with the rest of my life which is great! I can eliminate working in PR and stick with writing, cooking, music, bikes, and the great outdoors.
Speaking of cooking...the food here is amazing. I am loving every minute of being able to each such amazing food. Every where I go in New York there is good food. That I will miss when I leave.
I got to see Joshua James play on Monday in the Cutting Room. It felt like being home and made me so happy. I dragged along a girl I work with to it so I wouldn't be alone and drank enough cranberry juice to keep my bladder clean for years. ;) I also discovered a great musician named Amber Rubarth. Check her out. She's got great lyrics and I like her style of music. any way. More when I am not sick and feel like dieing. Seems that the bottom of my stomach has decided to drop out. yay. XOXo

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Lance said...

Maybe that cranberry juice finally caught up with you.