Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's been 3 months...

I really do suck at blogging. Making the habit to do it is hard and not always rewarding. but I'm giving it another go.

I last left off with going to San Francisco, which was an eye opening trip and I loved every minute of being there. The city, the people, the bikes, the food. I didn't want to sleep the whole time I was there because there was so much to take in. So grateful for the friends I have out there who were willing to let me stay with them.

Currently in life I am working at Aggie Blue Bikes and at Crumb Brothers as a bread former. I'm leaving Cache Valley in a year so I'm just working to save up money and -gasp- buy a car. Yes, it is true. I am buying a car. Why? Here is the story...

I got hit by a car last Wednesday and it totaled my bike. Although I will be buying a new bike I need a car to get around and leave the valley. I hate the fact that motorists "own" the road and that I am succumbing to getting a car (yeah, I really do think I am above cars. It's true) but everyones morals have a price, and my price happens to be my life. I don't want to die and this is the second time I've been hit by a car. Crazy and true.
There is the latest tid bit of my life, more later this week.

Parting shot

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