Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sing it as you please...

It is late, I should be blogging but I don't want to forget about my laundry that is drying and leave it to my room mates to deal with while I am in San Francisco.
Yes thats right, I am on my way to San Francisco tomorrow night for a weekend of bike insanity at the San Francisco Bike and Music Festival.
It's been a while since I have been this adventurous, going out to SF on almost a whim but I am sick of living cautiously and this is a perfect time for me to throw all my problems to the wind. My assignments for class have been turned in, I have my work stuff in order and tomorrow at 11pm I board a train with my bicycle, a sleeping bag, and a back pack full of things I "need" for the trip. I am anticipating everything and nothing all at once.
About a week ago I had a great experience. An eye opening experience. Iwas a Pounders Hawaiian Grill and saw my friend Bill who works there. He is a bigger fellow, weighing in a roughly 250. I asked him how he was doing and he said, "You know I am doing really well. I started riding my bike every where and have only driven my truck three times in the past month. I also lost 20 pounds because of it and I have started to notice so much of Logan that I didn't see before." Whoa, what a minute. Bill is on a bike? I am shocked, but so happy! Guys and galls, if truck driving, 250 pound Bill Sproat can get on a bike and ride it over 2 miles a day, so can you! Get out of the house and get on a bike this weekend, or go for a walk! Don't just do it to loose weight or get in shape, do it so you can get to know your local community and scenery. Sing it as you please this weekend. I want updates!

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