Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend of Tamales

I decided to host a tamale making party last night and realized last minute that I didn't have enough steamers to cook the tamales in. We ended up being able to remedy that but I must tell you, making 50 tamales is not for the faint of heart. Brock and I cooked for 5 hours last night. We started at 6 and left the house around 11:30 to escape the madness of food, tons of people in the house, and the mess of dishes that still needs to be done. The tamales do taste AMAZING for being gringo made and Zeik, our resident house Mexican, even approved of them. I would totally do it again because it really isn't that hard but make sure you have a lot of time on your hands, at least 5 hours.
Other than the tamale making extravaganza the weekend has been great. Brock took me out on a hot date Friday night. We ate at the Tandoori Oven, got lemon bars from Sweetly Divine, and watched "New In Town". I gotta hand it to that kid for being so amazing and planning such a great date. I feel so blessed to have a boyfriend who truly cares about me and my well being
I still have my media law paper to finish and an article to write so I am off to do that.

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