Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The work Blog

Everyone has done it at least once. I feel less guilty about blogging at work since my blog includes bikes and I work at a bike shop.

The Logan weather keeps getting colder, I am predicting snow and freezing temps till at least mid march, then we might see 32 at night again. I haven't done much riding on the roads but yesterday I did have to do a delivery for work in which I had to use the Bob-trailer. Oh man, I need to get a Bob-trailer, those things rock! it worked like a dream despite the snow and ice.
I am officially addicted to bonk town. It is a gear website for roadies like chain love. I bought a jersey from them yesterday and almost bought a box of energy bars from them today. I probably look at the site at least five times a day. I need to break the addiction.
Since moving into my new place I have been deemed the house Mom by my roomies. I am the oldest and the only who knows how to cook for 10 people at a time. I don't mind being the house Mom, they call Brock Dad so all of us are pretty much a family.The best part about living in the Pink Door House is no Drama. I never have fights with my roomies and if we have a problem we talk it out. It's great.
School work is calling my name but I leave with this parting shot. Dang, I wish I would have had a few of these when I was in New York, I saw some pretty hot bikes.

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