Monday, August 11, 2008

Maybe you should get to know your laws before arguing them

It feels good to be back in Logan, there is no doubt about it. I don't have more space than I did in my Manhattan apartment right now, due to the fact that I am staying with my brother and his wife in their apartment but I do have my bikes (only my Peuget, Pierre) back and thats what makes me happy.

The silver lining of being home is quickly wearing off as I get back on my bike and I am reminded of the stupidity of some fellow cyclists and motorists as well. Did I really just call some of my fellow cyclists stupid? you bet I just did, and this is why.
would first like to start off by commending all those who mount a bicycle daily to commute, exercise, or whatever. It is great that you are making an effort to keep Cache Valley air clean and keep your body looking good, but I am appalled by the lack of knowledge some of you seem to lack on laws about cycling.
You think it is OK to ride your bike the side walk, ride without a light at night, and ride in the opposite lane of traffic. This isn't OK! Stop, please! If there are three things that piss people off about cyclists it is that. A light is $10.00 (or more) at any one of your local bike shops in down town Logan. Please invest in one.

Riding on side walks? Do you really think that any one going 10 mph or more should be on a side walk? Side walks are for walking, roads are for riding. It is the law that you have to ride in the road. I can understand if you don't want to ride on Main St., so take another road to get to your destination. Bikes get in the way when they are ridden on a side walk and you are far likelier to run into a pedestrian. Please follow the law.

I don't know who taught you that you should ride in oncoming traffic. Please unlearn this behavior immediately. It is a good way to get in a head on collision with motor vehicles and other cyclists.

As for motorists, I understand you are pissed off because the above mentioned peons seem to think there behavior is socially acceptable. If you are so angry about bikes in the road why don't you contact your local government about it and stop trying to run us off the road. Killing a cyclist to make a point doesn't drive one home, it makes you look like an idiot and less like the "good law abiding citizen you seem to think you are". You aren't the only one who is affect by high gas prices, we are just doing our part to bring down the cost and help out the atmosphere since your truck isn't. Lets all work together to make the roads safer for everyone. Not just one kind of vehicle.

You may be asking what this rant came about. After reading the article below by the new york times (follow the link to read it), hearing my brother complain about cyclists riding two abreast (which is completely legal!) on country roads, and seeing bike commuters make fools of themselves in the eyes of the law.

I want people to understand that is it as important for cyclists to follow the law as it is for motorists.

This is what really got me going:
¶Last weekend, Utah state police arrested the driver of a pickup truck, suspected of plowing intentionally into cyclists on a morning ride.

Click here for the NY Times article

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