Saturday, August 2, 2008

50 things to love

I’ve had writters block for the past three months. Everything thing that I write is negative so I decided to help myself over come said block by writing 50 things I love. My friend Misha did this list once and convinced me to do it too (a while ago) I figured it’s time for a new list so here it is. They are in no particular order.

  1. Warm blankets
  2. Herb tea with unfiltered honey
  3. Fuji apples
  4. Farmers Markets
  5. Artisan bread
  6. Moving, even though I hate packing up all mystuff
  7. Good byes and Hello’s when parting for a while and getting home after a long trip
  8. Goals
  9. Jam sessions that go all night
  10. Poetry slams
  11. Dancing
  12. Yoga, even though I hate it, I do it
  13. Climbing, because it’s made me over come so many of my fears
  14. Sleeping under the stars
  15. Countries of the foreign nature
  16. States of the foreign nature
  17. Bicycles
  18. Hill climbing on Kaji
  19. Meeting some one and immediately clicking
  20. Music that makes me feel
  21. Jazz at Citrus and Sage
  22. Listening to guilty pleasure music and knowing that no one knows
  23. The Brooklyn Bridge
  24. Cooking for people and having them love what I cooked
  25. Baking, even though I mostly do it when I am mad
  26. Getting packages and postcards
  27. First Kisses
  28. Last Kisses
  29. Mixed CD’s
  30. New CD’s
  31. Knitting
  32. Quilting
  33. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  34. Listening to Jazz on a rainy day
  35. Reading a good book and being sad when it is over (no, I am not talking about the Twilight series, I haven’t even read those!)
  36. My family
  37. Living in NYC because it made me realize what I want out of life.
  38. Being awoken by a sudden poetic thought and jotting it down for further translation in the morning
  39. Union Square
  40. Mountains and oceans
  41. Hiking in the mountains
  42. Yerba Mate
  43. Genuinely good food
  44. Conversations that stop time
  45. Laughter and Smiles
  46. Japan
  47. Riding my bike through all kinds of weather
  48. Old friends and new friends
  49. Journalism
  50. Ally Cat Races

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