Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's been to long

I haven't bloged in over a month! I've written in my journal but I haven't had the time or energy to blog in a while.
The past month has been good. October was good to me I must admit. I went homeless for a week to see how Ben lives. I took up dumpster diving and bought a membership to the Rock Hause.
I've been trying to climb at least three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday if any one wants to come) to stay in good climbing shape. I go alone to the gym most of the time so I end up only bouldering which I am ok with but when I went on Tuesday I met up with marathon Woman who convinced me to top rope with her. I thought to myself "I haven't top roped in a month. I'll hop on a 10." That 10 schooled me!! Not only physicaly but on my last move to the top I tore open my freshly healed knee. My poort knee is never going to heal! I did two more climbs. One more 10 with an overhang and then a 9. I am not in shape for top roping. Benion was right when he said "When you top rope you fall off the wall because you don't have the strengthe. In bouldering you fall off because you can't do the move." I can do the move, I don't have the strengthe. So I am adding more top ropeing to my regimend.
Halloween was exciting this year. I had a few trick or treaters come by and I went to a killer dance party where I got to ipod DJ the whole night. I had three ipods and a zune (my zune.) to work from. I had a good mix of songs to choose from but still managed to party foul 9 times, Switching songs in the middle of one. Im still new at this! I also dressed up as a woodland nymph this year (aka a fairy) which was fun. my costume cost $15.00. I can't believe people are willing to pay more than that for a damn costume!
Any way. I sold one of my bikes. My yellow colapsable named Sherry. She and I were old friends but she needed to go. I am down to three bikes. I will most likely sell my moutain bike and buy a fixed gear. No I am not a scenester. I just love the fixed gear. I have been riding Kaji a lot lately but have realized that Lazer is better for grocery shopping since he has a basket on the back of him. I wrecked on him early in October and have been scared to ride him since. I'll get over it soon. ;) any way. Im off to do homework.

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Finnish Foreigner said...

Hey, I may be interested in buying one of your bikes when I get home. My bike in Finland got stolen...tear. I miss you dear!