Friday, September 21, 2007

The ending of a week

I went camping last night with Spider woman, Matt, Mazy, and Kelli in Logan Canyon. We had a Dutch oven dinner and steaks. Mmm… It was delicious. I wasn’t really digging the steak just because it seemed impossible to chew but besides that it was good.
We shared good conversation and talked about dating, our quarks and why it isn’t nice to call people weird. Annie and I also had a good 15 minute tangent on why it pisses us off that people go to national parks and never get out of their cars to look at the beautiful scenery. It was a ran, let me tell you! It was so nice to get out of Logan and be in the wilderness for a night. We picked a great spot to camp, so good that we didn’t wake up till 9:30. After packing up camp Matt, Annie, and I went back to our apartment and ate German pancakes. Then Annie and I retreated once again to the canyon to do some climbing. Annie muffed her big toe up pretty good and was having a hard time climbing but she belayed me on my first lead climb. It was a 5.7. slightly embarrassing since I top rope 11.A on a good day. But I’ve been to scared to lead till now so I am glad I took that leap of faith and did it.

I’ve got a job now! Working for, the online store for the Trailhead. I am really excited to start. I know it will be a good experience for me to learn more about gear for backpacking, climbing, camping, and pretty much anything outdoors.

This week has been good, if not great. Stressful yes but good. I feel this eternal need to stay focused on school. There is so much to distract me. Some good distractions, some bad. But I know that I MUST put my nose to the grind stone. It is so easy to do the wrong thing when I want to but I need to start doing the right thing.

The living situation with Spider woman is still good. We will see how things change once she isn’t working weekends and we are around each other all the time. Lets hope things stay happy.

Homecoming game tomorrow! The marching band will be playing so come out and see us shake it on the field. My rents are coming into town for day, I am very excited to see them and hang out. I miss my parents a lot when I am not home. I use to hate being around my parents right after I graduated from high school, now I sometimes wish I lived at home because I don’t see them enough.

Well I’m out. XOXO
P.S. I rode Lazer to citrus and sage.

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Finnish Foreigner said...

Wish I was in the canyon camping with you guys! Miss you so much! If things don't work out with Spider woman (I'll have to ask about her later) I am looking for a place to live in the spring! Love you tons! Love your blog too!