Monday, January 12, 2015

The word for 2015 and why I'm reviving this old bird

My friend Jessica has ignited a fire in me these days. I sort of want to just word vomit this all out, but I'll try to make it clear and concise.

Jessica is a lifestyle blogger, skier, inspirer, and graphic designer, and all around good soul. She was telling me that in the bloggesphere, bloggers will pick a word every year and meditate on it, try to live their life to include that word in it. I like this challenge. It makes you think about what word you want to live your life more centered around.

I joked with Jessica that my word was 'bird' because "Bird is the word, is the word..." is the worst.joke.ever.  After a giggle and inspiring session talking with Jessica I was meditating more on what word I would want to live more for everyday this year and I chose 'kindness'. Not like 'random acts of kindness' or being sweet to little old ladies. Just not being a jackass. I can be a pretty visceral person. Get me on a toot about something and chances are I'll end up insulting your dead grandmother and not apologizing for it.

    I want to live 2015 dedicated to having the patience to choose kindness when being mean and spiteful is easy. At the times when the internet has torn my personal image and business to shreds, I want to ignore these people and choose to be kind to them, if they ever rear their heads out of their mom's basement to come get kombucha from me (hah! I kid!).

   I want to be kind to my body. Treat it with respect by moving it everyday and shaking out the dust that seems to settle in my joints all to frequently as I age. I want to live a more kind diet that is good for my body and the planet. I also want to be kind to the planet. The place that sustains human life, gives us our life force, and keeps us breathing. I want to drive less, bike more, use my transit pass, and not bitch about traffic. And I want to be kinder to my brain by writing things out and publishing them here. I'm never going to share a single fucking link to this on Facebook, but it will be here, lurking, and so will you, creeper.

   So here's to a kinder 2015. May we reflect the intentions we present to the universe. 

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