Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winter Bike

Winter is coming. At this point in the game there is no denying it. Skis come in by the dozens at the shop and I have moved from talking about tire options with customers to wax options and ski lengths.
Living a mile away from work now means I don't have to drive at all, though I find myself running late at least once a week and have to drive. :( The mile cruise down hill, through the Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake makes for an easy morning commute. The mornings that I walk I some times stop by one of the three coffee shops I pass for a mug refill. Going home isn't always as enjoyable, though I do like it. A one mile hill climb with what feels like an 18 percent incline is what greats me on my way home. I live on A street and about 9th ave and work two blocks from I street and South Temple. The closer I get to A street going up hill, the steeper the the hills get. I use to wiggle my way through the aves to get home, up one block, over one block, till I realized I should really just grin, bare it, and get my ass in gear, literally, because hills aren't going to get easier any time soon. This way of thinking has actually been helpful. By the time I get to 9th ave I am usually over the fact that I am slightly sweaty, breathing heavy, and utter a small matra of success under my breath. The hills have gotten slightly easier the past few weeks. The more time I spend on the bike, the faster I seem to get. Funny how that happens.... (sarcasm intended)
As the months get colder I will cling to my bike a little harder. I just lost 10 lbs. You think I want those back? I'm not going out looking for them so for now I will stick to riding my bike during the cold months, don a pair of warm gloves, marino wool base layers, and good shell jacket with pit vents.
Dear winter,
I'm going to kick your ass.

-Punkin Pants

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