Friday, April 22, 2011

Obama Dreams

obama dreams
I don't usually remember the dreams I have. Some times it is clips and phrases but nothing really tangible. The other night I had the most vivid dream about President Obama. It felt so real I thought for minute it might have really happened.
The dream started out with me working in the presidential garden, tilling the field and tending to the greens and newly planted tomatoes. I was working with one other person I remember feeling like I had really made it since I was working in Obamas garden.
While working some soil I heard the president and Michelle Obama having a heated discussion over something as they walked in the garden. When their conversation became more audible I eavesdropped in on what they were talking about, soy. Michelle insisted that the president needed to start pushing soy as a viable crop for farmers in the US to grow instead of corn because it could feed more people and we could use it for soy yogurt and milk. The president didn't agree and told her that isn't the direct we needed to head. She handed him a cup of soy yogurt, urged him to try it and stormed out of the garden.
The president stood their for minute eyeing the cup of soy yogurt. I approached him, which made me really nervous, and started talking to him about what his wife had just told him. This is what I remember me saying to the president in my dream.
"Mr.President? I couldn't help but overhear what you and the First Lady were talking about. I agree with what you had to say about soy. I think you have it right and you need to encourage the farmers of America to grow more viable crops that will help feed the people and not livestock."
He said he agreed with me and thanked me for my input, said he would look into farmers growing more vegetables, and took off back to the white house.
I wish there was a reasonable explanation for this dream but there isn't. I'm just a hippie I guess.

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