Monday, March 21, 2011

The Japan Effect

"I know I keep saying it, but I really wish I was in Japan right now."
A sentence my brother has uttered to me said daily since the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster happened in Japan.
To some people, hearing both of us say that might sound a little strange. Why would we want to be there in the middle of a natural disaster? Japan is where we grew up, it is our home so naturally we want to be there to help the people we love rebuild a country we love.
Hours after the earthquake my Dad was skyping and e-mailing our close family friends, The Sato's, to make sure everyone in their family was accounted for. We got word that everyone was safe but Tomoko and Yuka were stuck in Tokyo because of the trains.
My family being one that is familiar with disaster (and being Mormon) we knew immediately that the Satos would most likely need an emergency food source since the grocery stores were quickly running out of food and batteries. My Dad consulted my brother and I on the best brand of backpacking food and then took off for Costco to buy a life type supply of batteries and dried food for back packing. The next day it was shipped off to the Sato's, since they were still receiving mail in Fujisawa. I received a forwarded e-mail from Sato san a few days later that read, "You are such a great man. We opened boxes. Surprise ! Many batteries.Lamps! foods.survival goods. You absolutely Ultra man ! We just laugh and then tears... We have great family in USA. Really appreciate you and Jodie san. No words for thanks. If you can open attached movie files,watch our joy."
Since the Sato's are family to us, Eric and I decided to send our own box to them. One filled with all the sweet moral boosters you could ever need. Girl Scout cookies, Ritter Sport, and Fruit Loops.
Ok, I know what you are thinking, but in the middle of a crisis wouldn't you want something to boost your moral?Sure, we could have saved that money we spent sending a package to them and donated it to a relief fund, but I am happy to know that my contribution is going to directly impact people I love.
I am encouraging everyone I know to donate whatever they can to support the cause in Japan. Whatever you can donate, they can use.


Moudi said...

I love that Christy. It is great that you donated your time and money to help people you know and care about in Japan.

I hope I can go with you someday. It would be wonderful to visit and help in any way I can, even with rebuilding or campaigning.

Gina said...

I think that fact that some of us spent our entire childhood over there is what makes those of us who utter "I wish I was in Japan right now" that much more unique.

I've said that too, and some people looked at me like, "what?!" And I would explain to them, and unfortunately most of them still don't get it.

I really want to be over there- disaster mode or not - just to be with my family. It seems unfair almost that I should be over here finishing my school studies and just living out my life daily while I know my family can run out of food at any moment.

Of course, better than the news, my parents reassure me - first hand accounts- that everything is actually okay. Shit hasn't hit the fan much just yet.

In fact, 20 minutes ago, I got an email from my dad, and he was in the middle of writing up an emergency evac plan ... I'm assuming for his office. So it's kind of hectic over there, but they're all okay. I kind of wish I was part of the chaos though.

As strange as that sounds....