Friday, June 25, 2010


I was reminded last weekend by my boyfriend of the importance of updating my blog so that people will actually read it. I am prone to agree with him.
I am living in Kanab now. It has been an interesting transition, working in a place that is drastically different from Moab.
Despite a few set backs, things have been going well. I went to Durango last weekend with a bunch of UCC folks and went to bakery called "bread" that I had heard about a while back. They make artisan bread that reminds me of Crumb Brothers bread. It is wuality artisan bread and it isn't expensive. I got to meet the owner, by chance, and he gave me a free bag of granola for telling him how much I liked his bakery. He knew about Crumb Brothers baker and told me to apply at his shop, because some times they are hiring. Not bad, eh?
They also give away cool stickers that say "Bread not Bombs" and you can buy cycling caps that say "Bikes not bombs". I got a cycling cap and a stack of stickers. If anyone wants a sticker, let me know. I'll send one your way. Rob, you already have one coming to you with some other stuff.
I have missed being around bike culture. Here in Kanab, there are very few people who ride bikes, and even fewer who like bread. Not having artisan bread is taking it's toll on me. I need my crusty goodness!!!!

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