Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mobile Me

It seems that I've fallen in love with the bohemian life. But just for a while. There is something fantastic about sleeping in a tent, living by the river (yeah, I really do), taking siestas in a hammock and waking up with the birds every morning. I love the feeling of being so free. But I also crave sustainability in my life. Routine and a real bed.
So what does this all mean? It means that I have spent the past month and a half living in a tent in Moab, working for the BLM on trails. But my time in Moab is coming to a close rather quickly and in two weeks I will find myself in Kanab, UT Till August. I will be doing similar work in Kanab only I will have my own three person crew. This excites me and scares me all at once. I have never been to Kanab and the only thing I ever hear about it is how much people love their guns, land, republicans. Wow. I will most likely no longer be able to find Organic produce, let alone hummus. This is going to be...fun?
Now that I will be all over the place I will start updating my blog more so everyone can keep up with my crazy, bike riding, out side living life. I intend on going on some pretty crazy adventures. All of it will go down in history here.
I should have written about Durango here. Hot damn... Durango knows how to party, especially during a bluegrass festival.

Pictures to come soon!


Fe700c said...

Now I know why I have not seen you around Logan. There's nothing better than waking up to bird song and moving water.

Hey, please mail me a check for $124. Mail it to 264 E 100 N Logan, UT 84321.


Gina said...

Can I have your job, fellow reporter person?