Wednesday, October 24, 2012


As I filled jars with homemade applesauce tonight I finally realized a few things about myself. Though I would love to expound on my self discovery, this numbered list will do for now.

1. I really enjoy canning my own food. No, I won't go crazy and can everything, but what I am doing now works for my life style.
2. Some days I want to spend my evenings working on my bikes, making sure they are in top condition for race day or for my commute to work, other nights I want to roast vegetables and enjoy a leisurely dinner while listening to beautiful music.
3. There is a difference between riding your bike fast and being fast on your bike. The former takes effort to achieve but makes you giddy when you realize you are fast.
4. Though I complain endlessly about having long hair, it has finally grown on me (pun intended?).
5. I thoroughly enjoy wearing an incredibly cute apron while cooking. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy while making lentil soup.
6. When you surround yourself with good people good things happen in your life.
7. I will forever love riding my bike. No man, woman, or child will ever change the relationship I have with my two wheeled steeds.

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