Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gotta let it out

When your Saturday night looked a little like this, it is hard to remember where Sunday went.

Actually, I worked a double last night, which means I was working from 3 pm- 8 am. I still haven't slept and I am wondering when I am going to get tired. Even after skiing for two hours, still wasn't tired. I have been up for over 36 hours. What is wrong with me?

Skiing today was beautiful. I know it is Sunday and by my own standards, I really shouldn't have gone out on the slope. But I was up at the mountain any way so I thought I would make a few runs. I met up with my friend John and we did a couple runs together. I like skiing with other people, it makes me more confident. Having some one to ski with is always worth a few laughs too.
I can't quit thinking about how beautiful it was on the mountain today. Blue bird skies, no wind, a chill in the air, only a few people on the mountain and a friend to share it all with.
For the past few weeks everyday has felt like the best day ever. I don't know why. I could get yelled at by a patron at work and five minutes later I think, "Man, today is great!" Call me resilient.

I made two loaves of sourdough bread this weekend. They were devoured by the beasts and a can of Nutella.


Mike said...

Well, although doing it all the time isn't the best idea, I figure worshiping on the sabbath day can be open to interpretation sometimes. Did you think about the grandeur of God's creation while enjoying the landscape he made so beautifully for us? Knowing you, probably. I'd say that works for today.

Murasakibrit said...

It's okay, eventually your body gives out on sleep and starts eating its own tissue :) (Joke, joke).

punkinpants said...

Yes mike, i did think aboutnthe grandeur of gids creation and how blessed everyone at that ski resort was yesterday because they got to esperience the most beautiful day. Don't worry, I did go to church after two hours of skiing. Gotta get my two services in. ;)